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By Kevin Graham

I’m excited to introduce a new segment to the DSWfoto blog – Wedding Photography Tips! My goal of these tips are to consider some ideas that will help result in even better wedding photographs. I hope that these tips can help you out!

My first tip is related to hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day. I asked Stephanie Mazzeo, a fantastic Central Florida makeup artist for some of her thoughts about whether to do your own makeup or to hire a professional.

Here are some of her thoughts on this topic:

Your wedding is probably going to be one of the most important days when you will be surrounded by family and friends and will have more photos taken of you than any other time (unless of course you happen to be a model or celebrity.)

It is crucial that your wedding day makeup is perfect for your photographs. You don’t ever want to assume that your everyday makeup look, perhaps applied a little heavier is suitable for the camera. I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a Makeup Artist skilled in bridal makeup and experienced in creating a long lasting application that appears flawless in person and on camera.

Narrowing down the list of suitable makeup artists is going to require a bit of research and a whole lot of trust on your part. Begin by asking your married friends and take a peek at their wedding albums. Look at their makeup in the photos during the ceremony and at the end of the night. Did it hold true? Is it still as flawless at the end of the wedding night as it was in any pre-ceremony photos?

Makeup by Stephanie Mazzeo - Photograph by Brian Morey - Courtesy of Stephanie Mazzeo

Courtesy of Stephanie Mazzeo - Photograph by Brian Morey

Try asking your photographer for referrals. Many times they’ve encountered makeup artists while filming their clients and perhaps can provide you with a name or two.
When you’ve found an artist with whom you think you would like to hire, ask for her/his credentials. View their portfolio and be sure their makeup style matches the look you want. Request a list of past bridal client references to contact. Ask questions and feel out the artist. You should feel comfortable with the her/him and not settling on the one with the lowest price.

Next, schedule a pre-wedding consultation or trial run. Most of the professional artists will charge for the consultation, so be prepared to pay. Bring along magazine pages of makeup looks you like as this provides the artist with an indication of your style and desired look. Try to wear a white or off-white top/dress to mimic your wedding day attire. This will provide you with a better indication of the overall look. If you can, schedule your hair trial at the same time so you have a complete image.

Once you and your makeup artist have decided on a look and you are happy with the results, be sure to sign an agreement or contract specifically detailing price, services, location, time of arrival and completion. Many artists require some sort of payment to hold your wedding date. You want to be sure all the terms are in writing and leave nothing to chance. Include any other bridesmaids, mothers or others who may wish to have their makeup done as well.

Be sure to schedule accordingly with your hair stylist so she and the makeup artist are able to work together to keep the day flowing smoothly. With all this said and done, all you are left to do is get dressed and walk down the aisle looking Red-Carpet FABULOUS!

Stephanie Mazzeo – Makeup Artist

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