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By Kevin Graham

I reached out to Denise to contribute to this blog post. She, along with her husband Glenn, did a Rock The Dress photography session with us last year. Many people are obviously apprehensive about jumping in to the Atlantic Ocean in their wedding gown. I wanted to hear why they did the photo session and wanted to hear more about the experience from their perspective.

Rock the Dress in Cocoa Beach

I had only vaguely heard of a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot prior to getting engaged. Once I got engaged and joined a wedding planning forum, many brides were talking about it and once I saw some examples of the pictures I knew I would want to do one of my own.

Originally I thought I would just buy a cheap dress from Goodwill to do it with because I planned to sell my gown after my wedding, but once the wedding was over, the bottom was pretty dirty already so I decided, might as well use my own dress since it’s already dirty.

Trying to explain to my parents and in-laws what I was going to do was difficult, they just couldn’t fathom why I would want to “trash” my dress. I tried to explain to them about the awesome picture opportunities that we would get from doing the session and that I saw no reason to clean and preserve a dress that was just going to sit in my closet for years serving no purpose like they did with their dresses. Once I explained that, they kind of saw the point, I mean, I spent a lot of money on this gorgeous dress, why not get a second chance to wear it and use it and the pictures are proof as to what a great sacrifice “trashing” my dress was!

Photo Sesson

The actual photo shoot was a blast. Since I knew I was going to be getting wet and sandy, I was so carefree and at ease, unlike my wedding day when I was paranoid about anything getting on the dress prior to the ceremony and reception (we had done first look pictures so there were a few hours of photographing prior to any of the guests seeing me in my dress, so of course I wanted it to still look clean and brand new). We decided to do the shoot at Jetty Park on Cocoa Beach and the weather was beautiful. The wind was slightly blowing, which for the most part helped the idea of beachy pictures and we took so many fun pictures just on the beach itself, on the lifeguard stand, and on the rocks.

We also took this opportunity to capture an announcement. My husband and I had just recently found out we were expecting and knew we were going to be announcing it to our friends and family the following week, so we took a very cute picture of us and in the sand we wrote “and Baby makes 3” – which later in the week was a big hit as we sent the picture out to share the news! Glad we decided to do the shoot when we did, because in a few months the dress isn’t going to fit anymore πŸ™‚

After all the sand and beach pictures, it came to the part of getting in the water, it was a little chilly, I won’t lie. I wasn’t really sure what to expect for most of this part, but my husband and I just had fun splashing each other and wadding in the water in addition to the posed shots that DSWfoto wanted to try. It was a ton of fun to literally be swimming in my wedding dress in the Atlantic Ocean!! (Getting out of the ocean on the other hand was definitely a task with my dress that now felt like it weighed 100 lbs!)

We finished the night with taking some beautiful sunset shots. It was also fun to see all the people at the beach watching us do the shoot. Some of them even praised me for being so brave to get into the water in my gown. About half way through the shoot, another couple started with their TTD shoot as well, so it was fun to see another couple mimicking all the fun we were having by having it themselves πŸ™‚ Overall, for any bride that wants to do something fun and not totally ruin their dress, I highly recommend doing a TTD shoot with water, it was so much fun and the pictures are amazing!

And for the record, my dress can still be cleaned and preserved because it’s just sand and water and depending on the material of your dress, you can still save it, I did some research on the subject and found some good info about the different types of material that are “safe” in the water πŸ™‚


Here are some of the photos from their session. To see more, please check out the blog post – Denise and Glenn – A Cocoa Beach, Florida β€œRock the Dress” Photo Session

Rock The Dress Photo Session - Cocoa Beach, Florida

Rock The Dress Photo Session - Cocoa Beach, Florida

Rock The Dress Photo Session - Cocoa Beach, Florida

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