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By Kevin Graham

Tomorrow is the official start of Photoshop World. However, there were nine different pre-con classes offered today. I had the opportunity to participate in David Ziser’s Wedding Photography class. David is a legend when it comes to Wedding Photography, and has been shooting weddings in the Cincinnati, Ohio area for over 40 years.

David is a great teacher and photographer, and he demonstrated many of the principles that are also in his recently release book, Captured by the Light.

After our initial lecture we had the opportunity to photograph images around the Orange County Convention Center. David showed how to find beauty and grace in what many others would consider a industrial business setting. From there, we travelled to St. Jude’s Catholic Church in the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando. This is a smaller, but very pretty church with beautiful bright stained glass windows. We then headed back to the convention center for more conversation.

It was one of those classes where anyone from a 40-year pro to a first-day shooter would glimmer many nuggets of great information. After class was over, I had David sign my book which has definitely gotten a read or two.

As much as I enjoyed the instruction by David (who can somehow fit 24 hours of material into 6), I am a little put off by other students in these classes who find it in their best interest to elbow their way to the front always and take hundreds of pictures.  Common courtesy when attending classes: get your shot and then give others a chance.

Below are just a few of the images that I captured along with some pictures that show the educational portion.  A big thank you to David Ziser and his wife, LaDawn, for their hard work. Thank yous also go to Damian, the hardest working wedding photography assistant for a Tuesday afternoon, and to Kayla and Michael, two fantastic and easy-going models.

My day continues tomorrow with the official kick off of Photoshop World. Please come back for an overview of more cool classes – and more photos!

David Ziser instructing class on Wedding Photography techniques
Beautiful Bride Kayla at the Orange County Convention Center
Groom  Michael
Bridal Portrait outside Orange County Convention Center
Kayla and Michael at St. Judes Catholic Church Orlando
Our Bride, Kayla, posing outside in Orlando, Florida
Wedding Photography Workshop
Bride and Groom posing outdoors at a Catholic Church in Orlando

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