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By Kevin Graham

Have you considered doing your engagement photos with your dog? I am always excited when couples bring their dog along for the engagement session. Pets are such an integral part of our lives, and quite frankly, they make such cute subjects for photos!

I’m very much a dog person, having two of my own and I realize how important they are. So, here’s a couple tips for taking photos with your dog.

Engagement Photos with Your Dog

Tips for Doing Photos With Your Dog


1. Bring along rewards and distractions.

Pets don’t work for free! If you can bring along some of their extra favorite treats or a favorite toy to get their attention, they’ll have a much better time.

There is nothing that a dog loves more than the most annoying squeaky ball you own.
Dog Engagement Photography

2. Bring a leash

Your dog may always be by your side. However, when we start to take engagement photos with your dog, there could be some distractions…SQUIRREL!! So, it’s always a good practice to keep your dog on leash at all times. We can always hide the leash, or even Photoshop it out after the fact if it’s distracting.
Celebration Florida engagement photos with a dog

3. Bring a friend that the dog knows.

As much as we all love our pets, they can’t be the star of every photo. So, I ask every couple to bring along a friend who the dog feels comfortable with. That way, that person is taking care of the dog while I’m taking photos of you.

If I bring along an assistant, they are there to help me with the photos and aren’t responsible for the dog. The car in Florida is not a place to leave the dog either, no matter what time of year.

4. Take the dog for a long walk beforehand.

A tired dog always makes for better pictures. There is always that excitement and anticipation when a dog goes for a car ride. There are so many smells to check out when they get out of the car. The last thing the dog is going to want to do is lay down for photos.

I usually recommend to do the photos with the couple first, while your friend takes the dog for a long, long walk. After he’s had a chance to check out everything, we can do the engagement photos with your dog.
Orlando Engagement Photography with a Dog

5. Enjoy the photo session.

Most of all have fun. Don’t worry if your dog isn’t “smiling”. It takes a little bit of patience, but we will definitely get their personality to come through.

Dogs are always reading their masters and if they know you are having fun, they’ll settle in and have fun too!

Wedding Photos with your Dog

Many of the same suggestions also apply when it comes to having your dog as part of your wedding. Just make sure that there is someone who can watch your dog all day. It’s fun to have them at some point during your wedding. However, I’d suggest that there is also a place that they can go to escape the hustle and bustle of the day.

Also, make sure that your dogs were recently groomed, so that their nails are filed. The last thing you want is your dog tearing your dress with their sharp nails.

Wedding Photographs with a Dog

Kelly’s miniature pinscher came to the reception for a few fun photos.

Rock the Dress Photos with your Dog

Rock the Dress Wedding Photography - Winter Garden Florida - Chapin Park - Dog Photographer
If you really want to do a lot of fun wedding photos with your dog, I suggest you set up a rock the dress session for a later day. Their dog stayed home during the wedding, but Miranda and Jeff were able to bring their dog along to the rock the dress photo session.
Rock the Dress Photos with a Dog

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