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Yesterday was the 5th annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. With over 1300 locations worldwide and over 32,000 participants, this annual event has grown larger than anyone would have ever expected.

This was my second year of hosting the Photo Walk in Orlando. Just like last year, I chose to lead the walk around Epcot at Walt Disney World. Nearly 50 walkers had registered to participate in the walk and it was great to see so many people back again from last year. The photos I have seen thus far from the participants have been fantastic!

It was a gorgeous evening at Epcot and many of the walkers also took advantage of the International Food and Wine Festival which was happening around World Showcase. Despite the crowds in the park, everyone seemed to have a good time and I’m already thinking ahead to next year’s walk.

Below is the group photo that we took at the start of the walk:
2012 Worldwide Photo Walk - Orlando, Florida - Walt Disney World - EPCOT

Below is another group photo we took half way through the walk at France in World Showcase:
Worldwide Photo Walk - Orlando, Florida - Walt Disney World - Epcot - France

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Last week I posted about Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk. I had the pleasure of spending the day with Scott Kelby and 50 other photo enthusiasts. The next day, I had the honor of leading my own Photo Walk. This was the first time the photo walk was held at Walt Disney World, and I was so happy that over 40 photographers joined my walk around EPCOT on such a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

I chose to lead a walk at EPCOT because of all of the photo diversity. There’s no where else where you can see so much in just a mile long walk.

We started with a group photo in front of Spaceship Earth, and then headed slowly back through Future World. It was first weekend of the Food and Wine festival, and Ocean Spray had a cranberry bog which was a big hit with the photographers.

We then walked around the countries of World Showcase ending at Nine Dragons at the China pavilion for a great lunch. Lunch also gave everyone a chance to share the photos they took and to talk photography.

After getting home, I was very impressed with all of the participant’s photos. I created a flickr group for everyone to post their photos from the day. I encourage you to check it out here. I was a little disappointed with my own photos. But, it was to be expected as I spent more time talking to the participants and getting to know one another than I did on my personal photos.

One thing you’ll notice is that many the photos aren’t the typical theme park photos. One of the honors of leading a walk is that I had the responsibility of picking the best photo of the day. I gave the group an assignment of staying away from the “post card” photographs.

Curiously though, the winning picture was of Spaceship Earth, the quintessential post card subject. The image by William Beem is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen of Spaceship Earth. Mostly, because he took something that is so large (18 stories) and overwhelming and made it feel small and delicate to me. The photo looked more like a Christmas ornament than park icon.

You can see William’s photo and all of the other submissions for the contest at my official photo walk page at www.worldwidephotowalk.com.

Overall, it was a great day, and I was so proud to have led my own Photo Walk! There’s already talk about doing another one in the not so distant future. I can’t wait!

Below is the image we took to start the day of the great group of photographers that joined us!

Walt Disney World - EPCOT - Orlando Florida - Worldwide Photo Walk