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By Kevin Graham

I had every good intention of trying to post these the day of the event. But, alas, lesson learned… Photoshop World leaves no free time.


Today was the official kick off to Photoshop World. I arrived to find a much different convention center than the day before — including a massive congregation of people waiting to go down the escalator to the keynote address.  From the back of the group, I overheard someone say that those with Speed Passes could proceed ahead.  I had the good fortune to score one of these Speed Passes upon registering for the conference before they sold out – this pass turned out to be a great option!

After slithering through the crowd and showing my speed pass, I joined others at the location where the keynote would be.  There were over 2500 chairs in this room, and thanking my Speed Pass, I quickly found a seat in row 4, with many of the industry luminaries surrounding me.

Eventually, the show began with a hysterical mockumentary about the music group “NAPP” (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).  NAPP had a very strong resemblance to KISS, however, the icons painted on their faces were  associated with Photoshop.  Clever.  The members of NAPP included Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Felix Nelson, and others.  We then witnessed their “reunion concert” where they performed their hit, “I Want to Photoshop All Night and Retouch Every Day.”
Photoshop World - NAPP - Concert Photography
Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3
As part of the keynote presentation, Adobe unveiled Photoshop CS5.  Several of the features demonstrated left many with their jaws on the floor.  The “Content Aware” feature yielded amazing results.  On April 12th, there will be a major announcement for Photoshop CS5 (which some are falsely reporting as its release date).  Instead it is more likely to be the announcement of new features in the entire CS5 suite (and perhaps the announcement of a release date). 

Lightroom 3 Beta 2 was also announced – and the additional features including tethered shooting, improved noise reduction, and video management – had many wanting to pull out their credit cards and get it now.

Photoshop World - Orlando, Florida - Photoshop CS5

Make an Online Portfolio Now

The first class I attended was taught by Rafael “RC” Concepcion on easily creating an online portfolio.  I had watched another class on this via KelbyTraining, and this took it a few steps further.  Although the class was good in demonstrating all of the tools available to simplify the process, I felt it didn’t touch on some important topics, such as having a website that is indexable for search engines and works for a large percentage of the userbase.

Many Uses of a Seamless Background

This was a fantastic presentation by Atlanta commercial photographer Zack Arias. It showed the versatility of using rolls of white paper to create many different looks.  With the proper lighting, he was able to turn the background white, grey, black, and even red.  The point of this class was that you didn’t always need to spend tons of money on fancy backdrops.  Sometimes something simple can achieve the same affect.  The class also had a model shoot that took advantage of the new tethered shooting in Lightroom Version 3.

Fashion Photography with Zac Arias

Expo Floor

There were many different vendors on the expo floor – including different print and album fulfillment companies – and I spent a great deal of time visiting and meeting with them.  There were also many vendors selling the latest in photography gear and many manufacturers demonstrating their products.

Below is an impromptu demonstration by Joe McNally, legendary National Geographic and Life Magazine photographer, at the Manfrotto booth.

Photoshop World Expo - Joe McNally

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