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By Kevin Graham

Fashion Portraits with David Cuerdon

Day 3 was the final day of Photoshop World and things were definitely slowing down.  I attended a small session on the expo floor by glamour and fashion photographer, David Cuerdon, from Chicago. He discussed how to use backgrounds and effects to make senior portraits and fashion photographs more appealing / trendy.

Glamour Photographer - David Cuerdon

Funny Things Around Photoshop World

As a side note, while walking around Photoshop World, you encounter many funny things.  I found Rick Sammon, author of 34 different photography books, underneath the escalator working on his Podcast, Digital Photography Experience.

Rick Sammon Recording a Photography Podcast
Lighting on a Laptop

The first non-expo session I attended this day was by Vincent Versace, a photographer out of Los Angeles.  With several tricks in Photoshop, he was able to do some amazing lighting tricks to turn an otherwise dull image into something more powerful. 

I realized from this class that Photoshop is not something that can be mastered overnight.  He took us through a long series of steps to make an image look amazing.  Unfortunately, his skills left me lost about half way through the presentation.  However, I may consider picking up one of his books to help further my education.

Vincent Versace Discussing Photo Retouching

Romancing the Landscape

The final session I attended as part of Photoshop World was Romancing the Landscape by wildlife and nature photographer, Moose Peterson.  Moose, true to the nature of wildlife photography, never uses Photoshop to enhance his images.  However, in this class, he showed how he does use Photoshop in some occasions to enhance his landscape photographs.

And, with that, Photoshop World comes to an end. I had a fabulous time, and will definitely attend it again in the future.
Wildlife and Nature Photographer, Moose Peterson

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