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By Kevin Graham

Space Shuttle Endeavour - STS130

Florida is an amazing state to live in. While the mid Atlantic prepares for their second blizzard in less than a week, we are experiencing a cold front here in Florida as well. A cold front is relative, of course — the highs are only in the low ’70s.

But, not only are we the benefactors of gorgeous year long weather (the summers aren’t THAAT bad), the choices in entertainment are neverending. Yesterday, South Florida played host to Super Bowl XLIV, the largest watched television event of all time. Next Saturday, the 52nd annual Daytona 500, the Super Bowl of motorsports, will be held in Daytona Beach.

But, also this week was the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. I had the opportunity this morning to step outside at 4:16 to photograph the only beacon of light, in what was otherwise a very dark sky. This launch was of particular significance, as there are only 5 space shuttle launches left, and with each launch ends an era. This morning was the very last nighttime launch. Night launches are gorgeous spectacles to be held as a burst of fire that rivals only the sun appears upon the horizon. And, sadly, this was the last one, at least for a long time.

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