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By Kevin Graham

I recently posted an entry to the blog from a portrait session I did with Molli and Logan. They were a great couple who met several years ago at the Ohio State University. They had contacted me about setting up a couples’ portrait session, and they were very interested in doing an extended premier session.

The previous post showed the start of our portrait session. Molli and Logan recreated a photography session from the 1940s, complete with bright colors, red lips and perfect hair.

We stayed at Rollins College in Winter Park for the second portion of the session. Molli let her hair down, and they both changed in to clothes a lot more common for a portrait session of a couple today.

We revisited a lot of the same locations around Knowles Chapel in Winter Park. We also headed to the old oak tree outside of Rollins Hall. I can’t imagine how old (or heavy) this tree is with two steel beams holding up its’ biggest branches.

We concluded our portrait session the following morning at Cocoa Beach. We met at the Cocoa Beach pier just after sunrise for a swimsuit portrait session. This is also around the same time that Cocoa Beach experienced a huge influx of jellyfish along the coastline. So, needless to say, the photo session was a bit of a challenge, especially because the coast guard was recommending against going in to the water. That still didn’t prevent us from an hour long shoot along the shoreline.

It ended up being like three different photo sessions over two days. We all had a great time during the photo session and Molli and Logan ended up with hundreds of pictures out of it.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in doing a premiere engagement photography session. I have a lot more great ideas and I’m open to yours as well!

You can also see the first half of this portrait session by clicking here: Molli and Logan – A Couples Portrait Session – Winter Park – Part 1

Winter Park - Rollins College - Couples Portrait Session - Old Oak Tree
Winter Park - Rollins College - Couples Portrait Session - Rollins Hall
Winter Park - Rollins College - Couples Portrait Session - Premiere Engagement Photography
Winter Park - Rollins College - Couples Portrait Session - Knowles Chapel
Winter Park - Rollins College - Couples Portrait Session - Orlando Photographer

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